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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 Role Play Description

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PostSubject: Role Play Description    Sun Dec 18, 2016 5:42 pm

The current Roenvaal Role Play is the story of the Pyregalvanic Pack. It is the third book in this series after the BloodClaw Pack; a role play that was active from 2007-2011. It follows Crimson's daughter, Alpha Shona-Shikha, and the original pack's descendants through their family adventures.

The two matriarchs of the family, Hurakan and Reaper, were first to claim the packs territory when they fell from purgatory after millions of years as gods. Underground caverns were carved through their magick creating the safe haven of The Cavern’s Kingdom. The same magick that forged their home gave birth to countless species, magical and not. Hurakan created the Starseed Wolf in her image, intended to be powerful creatures with no god.

Starseeds have a higher intelligence than any animal and possess the ability to speak and learn. They are very large, most standing at about five feet and are prone to having brightly colored fur and colorful eyes. It is also common for them to have other animal parts mixed into their physique. Their individuality is more than skin deep; Starseeds always have some form of supernatural power ranging from enhanced physical ability to elemental manipulation and chemical generation. This power is expressed through genetic traits similar to that of their ancestors. As sentient and proud beings, their culture is rich and family ties are important.

The pack stays hidden and avoids all contact with humans for survival. Their size, intelligence and exotic appearance would make them a target to present day humans. Indigenous human tribes once thought of them as holy spirits and stayed out of their lands.

Roughly 50 years ago Alpha Crimson moved the pack out of the Cavern’s Kingdom to let the land replenish itself in prey and nutrients after her mother, Hurakan’s departure. Now Shikha has moved the pack back home only to find humans encroaching onto their sacred territory and thousands of mythicals moved into their family's cavernous den for safety.

Will this mean war? Find out who will join in alliance and who will become enemies in Roenvaal Role Play.  
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Role Play Description
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