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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 Current Season (Edited every 6 months)

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PostSubject: Current Season (Edited every 6 months)   Sun Dec 18, 2016 5:04 pm

flower Current Season: Spring flower

Season Start: Undetermined  Season End: Undetermined

Prey Level: Moderate

Basic Plot: The pack's former alpha Crimson has died and her daughter Shikha has taken over. After bringing all of the sister packs together, Shikha has migrated the entire population back to the ancient caverns that were forged by their family's matriarchs Hurakan and Reaper only to find humans encroaching onto their sacred territory.

The opening thread of this season will start as they approach  the edge of the old territory after their long journey. When they reach the caverns they find that other mythicals have moved into the cavernous den for safety from humans. The caverns are very lively, not crowded but busy, and are in clean, working condition. The creatures there are overjoyed at the arrival of the pack because they think that they will return things back to the way the were.

What needs to be covered before season's end:

  • Arriving to the territory
  • Making it to the cavers
  • Getting acquainted with all the creatures
  • Description of territory and caverns
  • Exploration
  • Scouting of the human settlements
  • Hunts
  • Allies
  • Enemies
  • Spies
  • Old friends
  • Rescues of the creatures captured
  • Pack dynamic adjusting to new way of life
  • Deciding to fight or lay low

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Current Season (Edited every 6 months)
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