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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 The Ancestors (Under Construction)

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PostSubject: The Ancestors (Under Construction)   Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:04 pm

(Note: To see the version with photo depictions, click HERE.)

Reaper is cursed to be reincarnated over and over with intact memories and personality. She will never be able to return to purgatory.
The parents she is born to have no effect on her looks or skills.
Black fur with russet markings and red eyes. Around 3 feet tall.
Family Trait: Intact soul and past life memories through incarnations.
Misc. off spring throughout her incarnations.
​Player's choice (Up to 10)

Very kind and protective. Was an excellent fighter and listener. She was born within the pack to Crimson and Lightning and had exceptional abilities. She died defending the pack in the war.
Black fur with blue markings. Blue eyes and a strong build like her father's. She stood at 5 foot like her parents.
Family Trait: Healing Wounds, Enhanced Senses.
One litter in her life.
Player's choice (Up to 5)

A sweet spirit to say the least. She was born to Crimson and Lightning and became the pack's den mother. She never mated and preferred to stay close to home. Unfortunately the long life gene skipped her. She died at age 10.
Silver, white and dark grey fur with amber accents. Amber eyes. Built to kill with long legs and a top running speed of 40mph but never knew a kill.
Family Trait: Enhanced speed, emotional empathy, telepathy
One litter in her life.
Player's Choice (Up to 4)

Utsuro and Fallen Leaf

​Came to the pack as a rogue. Earned his rank by fighting in the war with the pack. He took Fallen Leaf as a mate. They had four pups who left the pack to start their own.
Muscular and tall, thick black fur, shorter tail, one silver ear and silver eyes. Stood at five feet.
Family Trait: Enhanced Combat Ability.

Fallen Leaf
​Born to Crimson and Lightning. She was extremely strong, caring, deadly and intelligent. She was a scout, one day she went out on patrol and never came back. Utsuro and Crimson held out hope for her return till the days they died. With Crimson's genes, she could still be alive...
Five feet tall. Long grey, black, brown and gold fur with orange eyes. Slender, athletic build.
Family Trait: Ecological Awareness, Extended Life Span, Energy Manipulation.

They Had Four Pups
Nox (M)
Juniper (F)
Lark (F)
Orion (M)

Rune and Aurora

Born to Crimson and Lighting, Rune was strong, gifted in combat and dominant but lacked any remarkable supernatural abilities. He left the pack at when he reached adulthood and started his own pack on the other side of the mountains overlooking his mother's territory.

He resembled his father lightning almost exactly.
(See Below)

​Aurora was an earthly timber wolf who lived in the area Rune took over. She was a fierce hunter and a loving mother. Despite her earthly origins, she kept up with the starseeds well and made her place in their family.

​Aurora was mainly grey and white with brown under tones and golden eyes.

Lightning Storm
Came to the pack as a rogue. He worked hard to prove himself to the pack. Was ranked after about a year and began courting Crimson. He was never ranked as alpha male but he fathered her five pups.
Thick white fur and blue eyes. Large paws and a strong build. Stood at 5 feet tall.
Family Trait: Game Locator/ Radar. Enhanced senses.

Descended from Hurakan, she was the Alpha of the second generation pack. Most of her mother Hurakan's genes skipped her but she was still a gifted and powerful leader.
Black fur, green eyes, standing at about 5 feet tall.
Family Trait: Long lives, Elemental/ Energy Manipulation.

Rune and Aurora Had Four Pups
Sol (M)
Ophelia (F)
Bennet (M)
Alaska (F)

Abilities often (but not always) skip generations so the family traits from Crimson and Lightning will apply to Rune's and Aurora's four pups. They are all half earthly so only one family trait can be applied from each grandparent OR you must pick only one grandparent for the pups to receive traits from. Their appearance can be based on any of their ancestors listed here.

Ivy and Iced Earth

​Skilled in hunting and fighting, was a loner at heart. She was extremely loyal to Crimson and her pack and found sanctuary with in it.
Long white fur with bright green eyes. She was about 5 feet tall.
Family Trait: Ability to read Intentions straight from other's minds.

Iced Earth
Was a nomadic mercenary through his early years. He was the first member of Crimson's pack and was a very good friend to her and Dusk.
Tall with thick, scarred, brown, grey and white fur. Eyes were dull green and had larger than average claws.
Family Trait: Enhanced adaptation to extreme climates, Large claws.

They Had Three Pups
Sage (F)
Azalea (F)
Drake (M)

Chemical and Khalypso

​Was rescued from humans by the pack. She was raised as a fighting dog but betrayed by her handlers. Crimson and her pack busted her out and offered her a home.
Half coyote, long legs, smaller build. Orange fur, black legs and white paws. About 3 feet tall.
Faimly Traits: Brightly colored fur.

Came to the pack as a loner. He had lost his pack as a young pup and was raised by a group of nomadic earthly wolves. He only stayed with them until he reached adulthood and then he went out in search of others like him. Crimson found him near her territory and took him in, ranked him as a scout and eventually him and Khalypso were mated.
Medium build, standing at 4 feet tall. Gray-ish green thick fur with one brown eyes.
Family Trait: Strange coloring and chemical generation in his saliva.

They Had Five Pups
Blue (F)
Kenai (M)
Dex (M)
Zula (F)
Thyme (F)
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The Ancestors (Under Construction)
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