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 Ranks and Responsibilities

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PostSubject: Ranks and Responsibilities   Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:00 pm

Ranks and Responsibilities

Alpha(s): This is the highest rank. One of the alphas is always the direct descendant of Hurakan. They can take a mate but are not required to. An alpha can perform every task and skill of all the other ranks with ease. They are trained in hunting, fighting, pack lore, medicine, tracking, pup care, herbology and spirituality. Very dominant and serious, they are extremely wise and keep close track of the inner-workings of the pack.

Adviser: These wolves are very wise and have been through enough to be able to give advise to the alphas. They are ranked just below the alphas and are technically above even betas. They are extremely close to the alphas and act as a listening ear and companion to them.

Beta(s): These wolves are second in command. They take command when alphas are away. They are trained in as many tasks as they wish to be, usually very dominant, extroverted and kind with a violent streak. There can be as many as four.

Head Guardian(s): These wolves are extremely versed in fighting and battle tactics. Their sole purpose is to protect and serve as a companion to the alphas. Sort of like personal body guards. There is usually only one per alpha but Shikha likes to have up to four and spread them around the higher ranks.

Guardian(s): Also versed in fighting, these wolves are there to protect the pack and the pack lands at all costs. Usually very serious and alert but caring and attentive to the needs of the pack. There can be anywhere from 8-12 depending on the size of the pack.

Ambassador(s): The most diplomatic and level headed wolves of the pack; very focused, alert, confident, and calm. They are skilled in problem solving, critical thinking and detail oriented. These wolves usually have a good sense of humor and have exceptional situational awareness. They are preferred to have some type of empathic abilities or telepathy. Ambassadors are in charge of assessing new members the scouts find, making contact with other packs, negotiations and travelling through the territory to check on the well-being of all the sister packs to the main pack. They are ranked above Head Scouts but usually avoid any domination or show of rank of any kind. They like to blend and act as moderators for everyone in the area. There can be up to four.

Head Scout(s): These wolves are usually loners at heart, though their loyalty lies with the pack. They're often gone, scouting the land for predators, lone wolves or signs of game. They often train potential hunters, and act as body guards for the ambassadors when interacting with other packs or when they are asked to do so. There can be up to 4.

Scout(s): These wolves are highly trained in tracking. They go off in search of lone wolves to recruit to the pack, search for missing wolves, aide the Hunters in finding game, and scent the area in case of intruders. These wolves are usually solitary by nature, and are keen at blending in with their surroundings. They answer to the head scout(s) when away. There can be up to 6.

Head hunter(s): These wolves keep track how much food the pack has and when we need to hunt. They are extremely responsible and work directly with Head Scouts and Scouts to keep track of the herds throughout migrations. They also gauge when an area is being hunted to much so we never take more than our fair share and effect populations negatively. There can be up to 4.

Hunters(s): These wolves are trained in taking down game and tracking. They are fast, usually on the larger side and their personalities are extremely extroverted. They answer to the Head Hunters and are a very tight-knit group. There can be 8-10.

Shaman: This wolf is usually an elder and a past mystic. They keep the history of the pack, know the secrets of The Ancient Ones, every herb and plant, keep track of interpersonal relationships, act as counselors for all pack members and are responsible for training head caretakers. They often help the den mother with pups. Shamans are trained by the current alpha (descendant of Hurakan) or the current incarnation of Reaper.

Mystic(s) : These wolves are especially gifted in ESP based abilities. They are usually free spirits, they aren't usually very dominant or violent. These wolves are kind, loving and very spiritual. They have been taught many secrets by the shaman, who they answer to. They spend some of their time studying with her the shaman or meditating but mostly they tell stories, keep track of the morale of the pack, perform magick rituals or spells, entertain the pack with their abilities and act as counselors to anyone who needs it. There is no age limit but a certain level of ability and knowledge is required to be ranked as a mystic. They are not called on to help with hunts or ever required to be violent. They are cherished and protected by the pack. One is usually selected to be trained to be the next Shaman. There can be up to six in this rank.

Head Caretaker(s): These wolves are in charge of healing and general health care. They teach the art of healing through the use of nature and mind. Usually very gentle and caring it's in their genes to need to heal and help those in need as the rank is passed down from Mother to Daughter. Shikha doesn't believe that ranks should be based on sex so she gives the rank to anyone who is qualified. There can be up to 2.

Caretaker(s): These wolves care for the pack's injured or elderly. They know much about natural healing and are able to apply it to nurture any wounded members. The Caretakers are gentle hearted and don't participate in hunts, rather, they stay back most of the time to help the Pup-sitters with the cubs. They answer to the head caretaker or shaman. There can be up to 4.

Den Mother: This wolf is usually an older female who has not reached the age of Elder, but cannot perform the more rigorous tasks of daily pack life. (This is the traditional way of doing things but Shikha ranks wolves as she sees fit.) They prefer to be around pups find joy in every aspect of caring for them. They oversee the Pup-sitters and are cherished within the pack. The den mother usually works closely with caretakers, the shaman, mystics and elders as a friend and helper. The den mother usually works with the alphas as an adviser about the pups. She often suggests possible ranks and paths based on behavior she sees as they grow.

Pup-Sitter(s): These are the babysitters of the pack and are tasked with guarding the cubs with their very lives. Sitters are usually patient, understanding wolves who prefer cubs over adults but have the ability to fight and defend. They are preferred to be somewhat spiritual and good at telling stories. Teaching is also an important skill for pup sitters. There can be up to 3.

Pack Mate(s): The Body of the pack. They do what they can for the pack, but normally just let the Higher Ranking wolves do what their jobs require of them. They're required to help a ranked member with whatever task is asked of them. Though they do not play a specific role in the pack they are the heart of the family, keeping active, defusing tensions, and building bonds. They are the glue between the other wolves. They can also be wolves who have simply not yet defined what their role in the pack is. Pups usually graduate to this rank when they turn two and stay there until they are ranked elsewhere. There really isn't a limit on how many can hold this rank.  

Pack Pup(s): Cute, frisky little balls of fluff! These are the considered the future, and are highly cherished within the pack. They remain in this category until 1 year of age.

Pledge(s): A wolf is placed as a pledge for a period of time (usually a week or two) when first brought into the pack until they can prove themselves to the alphas. At the end of a pledging period, the alphas will pass judgement and they will either be given a rank or asked to leave.

Thetan(s): This is more or less a punishments rank for wolves who have ceased to prove themselves as active members or have broken the rules one too many times. However, if a member is placed as Thetan more than 3 times, they're removed altogether.
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Ranks and Responsibilities
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