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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 Role Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules   Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:57 pm

Our role play style is Descriptive - Semi Fantasy - Past Tense - Third person and requires at least 2 paragraph (or 150 word) replies. The setting is woodland/ caves/ mountains/ underground caverns. The 150 word (two paragraph) minimum gives the other role-players enough information to work off of.
(Example: She walked along the ridge as the rain began to fall. "Cold out tonight..." she breathed quietly.)

Keep Out Of Character comments to a minimum. When needed, you can mark them by placing them in brackets away from the main text.

No god-modding, or power playing: The act of moving, speaking, or placing a character when the owner has not stated the character's actions in the post you're responding to. This also includes no killing or maiming other characters without consent from their owners out of character. Exceptions can be made for pre-planned outcomes that were planned with the admins or very young pups who need to be moved around.

This is an 18+ site but please keep the porn, gore or any other NSFW content to a minimum. Role-play needs to be rated mainly at pg-13. If you want to rp something else that is considered higher rating, do it in the area called "Foreplay" If characters are mating then please make sure to note in the subject that the posts have mature content.

6 months in real time is a year in game. That means one real month is 2 in the role-play. Have you character age according to those guidelines.

There are set seasons. You can find the announced seasons in the area for it. Seasons will also state the events in areas as well as how much prey there is.

Smilies and in character posts: All smilies are thought of as out of character things and shouldn't be in character posts. They are not to be used as shows of emotion in the role-play itself.

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Role Play Rules
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