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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 Organizational Rules

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PostSubject: Organizational Rules   Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:55 pm

Inactive or dead characters will be removed in 30 days of last activity.

All packs must be formed in the role-play itself to be official and also approved the Admin. Anything out of character is just considered planning. Packs can become official by forming the pack in rp, having a pack page, and having three characters.

A minimum of three characters are needed to make a pack. This means three characters played by separate rpers. Example of minimum; Your character, User 1's character, and User 2's character. You can't create a pack with three of your own characters.

Do not create multiple accounts! Use your base account and rp all your characters from it, making individual "profiles" in each RP area. If you are caught with two accounts, you will have to choose one to keep and others will be deleted.

You get four strikes and then you are out.
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Organizational Rules
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