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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 Character Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Character Creation Rules   Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:54 pm

The pack's species of wolf are called Starseeds. They're large, standing anywhere from the 3 to 5 feet. Their tails and fur are usually longer too.

Though this is a Fantasy RP, we try to avoid overly powerful characters. This means no over the top powers, shape shifting, werewolves or deities. Two abilities are allowed per-character, one if a starseed is mixed with an earthly wolf. Abilities must be element, energy, emission (venom, ink, ash, smoke, etc.) visual or ESP based. Your character will also receive a number of family traits. To find out how many your character should have, read the "Traits" section in Details and Disclaimers.

We're not allowing any characters to have "shape" marking's such as stars or hearts, etc. Also, no human hair.

You may have different colored eyes, fur and markings. You can pick 2 unnatural appendage additions such as antlers, horns, spikes, longer-than-average tail, extra tail or extra set of legs, extra eyes, third eye, etc.

You can have up to 2 characters and each one needs a separate bio and introduction but can share a profile. Your second character can either be another wolf or you can play a supporting character which could be a Fairy, Mythical Creature, Regular Animal or Human... Though if you choose human you will most-likely be killed off unless you decide to be a native tribe member. If playing an animal please do research on how big this animal is in reality. To find out which species you can choose from visit the Roenvaal site, Pyregalvanic page, Playable Species tab.

Characters can't have accessories unless human/ humanoid.

No fan characters. This means no characters based off of ones from books, tv shows, movies, etc.

You must make a Bio that includes name, age, sex, description of character, abilities, ancestor you are descended from, past, how you came to the pack if you weren't born in and rank. Each section must be filled out to the extent requested. It isn't required but we love to see photos of your OC in your intro.

Copy and Paste the character sheet layout to the Character Biographies forum. Edit it to fit your character type (a wolf within the bloodline, a rouge joining the pack, a supporting character species, human or human native tribe member) then post it.

After it is approved you can proceed to the Outer Pack lands for your introduction. Mandatory sections have an asterisk ( * ) beside it. Everything else is optional, can be edited out or changed. Don't forget to delete the bracketed instructions. Feel free to add colors but make sure they are able to be read with our dark background.

[ Single character image here (Please credit if its not made or taken by you. Other images go to the bottom) ]


*Character number: [First or  Second?]

Other characters:

*Full Name: [name and surname if applies]

Nicknames: [any nicknames the character may go by]

*Species: [Wolf, Human, Animal, Mythical creature type]

*Family: [Descendant Bloodline, Starseed, Pack, Rouge from ----?, Tribe Name]

*Ancestor/ Family Trait: [Family traits are abilities inherited from family members or ancestors]

Abilities: [Abilities are unique to your character and don't depend on genetics.]

*Rank: [Current rank or rank given]

*Age: [Character's age]

*Biological Sex: [Male or female only. Please, no herms or trans. A character can
express themselves in a masculine, feminine or androgynous way but they have to be male or female.]


Sexuality: [Wolves and animals must be heterosexual. Heteroflexible is acceptable in Starseeds but they have an intense instinct to mate and have families so they usually settle down with the opposite sex. Humans and Humanoid Creatures may choose from Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Asexual or Pansexual. No other choices will be approved]


*Physical Condition: [Muscular? Slender? Fit? Bulky? Sickly? Etc.]

Expecting?:[Is your character pregnant?]

*Height: [Height when standing]
*Weight: [In both pounds and kg if you can]

*Iris color: [Any color is acceptable. No rainbow]

*Main color: [The base color of fur. Can be changed to ethnicity/hair color for humans any colors needed for mythical creatures]

Secondary color(s): [The other colors in their fur. Can be changed to ethnicity/hair color for humans any colors needed for mythical creatures]

Scarring: [Visible scars]

Other characteristics: [Other physical characteristics you want to mention]

Ailments: [Visual physical issues such as limp, missing limbs or eye, blind, ripped ear, etc.]

Voice: [Description of how their voice sounds or feels]

*Character Description: [Please write at least one descriptive paragraph of your character's appearance summarizing the above information and adding in anything that the form didn't provide space for. This needs to be done for your bio to be approved.]


*Mental Condition: [Crazy? Sane? Damaged? Strong? Stubborn? Intelligent? Goofy?]

Mental Issues: [Mental health problems such as PTSD, Hallucinations, Depression, etc. Please limit to one, maybe two. It's hard to RP with a character who is completely gone]



*First Glance: [What kind of impression does your character give when first seen? One paragraph]

*In Depth: [What is your character like after one gets to know them? One+ paragraph]

[ This section is OPTIONAL but highly encouraged ]

Mother: ---
Father: ---

Siblings: ---
Half-siblings: ---
Grandmothers: ---
Grandfathers: ---
Other Relations: ---

Mate: ---
Offspring: ---


*Birth Place: [Where was your character born?]

Previous Packs: [Only for wolves. If not from the bloodline, what was their birth pack?]

Previous Ranks: [Past ranks from previous packs or that your character has been promoted from]

*[At least two paragraphs of back story for your character. This must be completed for your bio to be approved. You may add photos to illustrate.]


[Any more images you want to show off of the character. Don't forget to credit.]
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Character Creation Rules
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