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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 Adoptable Characters - Adopt Requests

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PostSubject: Adoptable Characters - Adopt Requests   Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:36 pm

This is where you inquire about about adopting any of the available characters.

You do not need to join the forum to make an adopt request! If approved, you will be given an account!

Please read this entirely before deciding to adopt a character --->

These characters already have a name, lineage, family traits, abilities and generalized back story. Details pertaining to their personality, likes, dislikes and feelings toward their history will be up to the member who adopts them. All "pups" will now be adults and active members of the pack. If you want to change anything about your adopted character it must be within the descendant perimeters and approved by Sonia (Shona-Shikha).

The benefits to having an adopted character are: additional abilities in the form of family traits that are passed down through generations, higher ranks, pre-established interpersonal relationships within the pack and an assured active roll in the developing story. These character's availability are first come, first serve. They will not be reserved.

Because of their importance to the story, abandonment will result in the profile, character and posts being given to someone else. A character is considered abandoned after a month of no replies without prior notice of absence.

Adoptable characters have pre-made accounts, emails and passwords. You are not permitted to change the email or password or to delete the account. If a character is given away, the password will be changed to avoid any sabotage. The email and password given to you will have Sonia's contact information in the contacts. You can use this to ask questions, get character changes approved and brain storm story ideas.

All adopted characters still belong to Roenvaal Inc. as they are original characters to the Starseed Trilogy. Any art, threads, text or ideas you submit of your adopted character could be used at another time for reference or paraphrased in the novel this role play will one day become.

If you agree to these terms, continue by copy and pasting the Adopt Request Form (below) into a reply to this topic. You can message Sonia ( ) after posting or just wait for her to contact you.

IF you're approved, you will receive the log in for the character you've chosen and you'll need to fill in the rest of their biography to fit your role play style. When that is approved, you can start role playing.

Thank you for choosing Roenvaal Role Play!


Adopt Request Form

Did you read the terms and conditions?:

Do you agree to these terms?:

Real Life



Best way to contact you:

What is the approx. time you have available to role play?:

Will 1-2 paragraph responses be a problem for you?:

Have you role played as a wolf before?:

Will you be using full sentences and punctuation?:

Role Play

Which character are you interested in?:

Would you want to change anything?:

Why this particular character?

When do you think you'd be able to get their bio done and start role playing?

Please provide a 4-5 sentence sample of your role play ability using third person, past tense. Write as if you are a wolf and use as much detail as possible. Speech should be in quotations. (" ")


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Adoptable Characters - Adopt Requests
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