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Our story follows the third generation of an ancient pack as it returns home. Create or adopt powerful characters with incredible supernatural abilities.
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 Details and Disclaimers (Under Construction)

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PostSubject: Details and Disclaimers (Under Construction)   Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:46 pm

How Traits Work:

The matriarchs Hurakan and Reaper give three traits to their offspring. They do not need a mate to conceive pups. They usually only have one pup at a time and only give birth to females.

Direct descendants of the matriarchs give two traits to their offspring. Offspring also receives one trait from their grandmother and one trait from their father. Gestation time is unpredictable. Traits can vary or skip the pup all together. The magicks are chaotic and volatile. There will also occasionally be a pup who receives two traits from the matriarch grandmother.

Offspring of direct descendants give two traits to their pups. The pups will also receive one trait from the non-descendant mate. One of the traits could be from direct descendant grandmother.

Fifth generation direct descendants only receive one trait from any ancestors in their line.

Non-descendant starseeds give only one trait from each parent.

When a starseed mates with an earthly wolf their offspring will only receive one starseed trait and physical characteristics from the earthly parent. It is common for these litters to only have a few pups who receive starseed traits.
All wolves have two unique abilities in addition to (separate from) family traits. Those unique abilities will be the family traits that that pass down to their offspring.

Traits, whether from a matriarch or non-descendant, are not always consistent. Though they are usually passed down they can skip generations, only affect part of a litter or be completely absent. In the case of traits skipping generations, the offspring of the skipped wolf will have three unique abilities instead of two.

Original Characters:

Characters that are created for this role play, their roles and activities in the pack, art of the character, threads/ text and ideas you submit including your character could be used at another time for reference or illustration and paraphrased or quoted in the novel this role play will one day become. Though their names, back story and other details could be changed to better fit the story.

Members can still use characters created for this role play elsewhere but once they are created and entered into the story, their story is technically owned by Roenvaal Inc. The only thing that can be used in other role plays are the character's name, physical appearance and abilities. Those will always belong to the member who created them.

To use your character elsewhere:

-Name, physical appearance and abilities can stay the same.

-The character's association with this rp pack must be removed.

-Any character trait or back story detail based on the Roenvaal Role Play Trilogy is NOT to be claimed as your own, claimed as separate from Roenvaal or expanded upon outside of this forum.

-If a member chooses to use the character created here in another role play the characters story must be changed to not involve anything from this role play.

-Achievements and other events that occur during this role play can't be added to other role plays as they happen. Events that occur in other role plays can't be added to this role play.

-If the character has family within this rp it can't be a part of their characters lineage in the other rp.

Adoptable Characters:

Please read this entirely before deciding to adopt a character!
These characters already have a name, lineage, family traits, abilities and generalized back story. Details pertaining to their personality, likes, dislikes and history will be up to the member who adopts them. All "pups" will now be adults and active members of the pack. If you want to change anything about your adopted character it must be within the descendant perimeters and approved by Sonia (Shona-Shikha).

The benefits to having an adopted character are: additional abilities in the form of family traits that are passed down through generations, higher ranks, pre-established interpersonal relationships within the pack and an assured active roll in the developing story. These character's availability are first come, first serve. They will not be reserved.

Because of their importance to the story, abandonment will result in the profile, character and posts being given to someone else. A character is considered abandoned after a month of no replies without prior notice of absence. Adoptable characters have pre-made accounts, emails and passwords. You are not permitted to change the email or password or to delete the account. If a character is given away, the password will be changed to avoid any sabotage. The email and password given to you will have Sonia's contact information in the contacts. You can use this to ask questions, get character changes approved and brain storm story ideas.

All adopted characters still belong to Roenvaal Inc. as they are original characters to the Starseed Trilogy. Any art, threads, text or ideas you submit of your adopted character could be used at another time for reference or paraphrased in the novel this role play will one day become.

After you pick a character to adopt, you must inform Sonia of your decision via her Facebook ( or email. ( She will give you the log in information for that character and you will need to complete the character's bio in the "Character Biographies" section, have it approved and write an introduction post in the "Outer Pack Lands".

Last Names:

Last names, or secondary names, are either the first or last name from a parent. Females get their secondary names from their mothers and males from their fathers.

In the case of a parent not being present after conception, the pups will receive their secondary names from the remaining parent.

Secondary names can also be from grandparents or a pack name.

There are no strict traditions around secondary names but they can be a matter of pride.

Secondary names are not mandatory though wolves with only one name are usually rouges without family, earthly wolves or they've chosen to denounce their second name for some reason. They could have also been stripped of their second name due to exile or crime.

When pack members decided to leave a pack and start their own, it's common for them to either change their second name or not pass on their second name to their offspring; giving them unique secondary names.
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Details and Disclaimers (Under Construction)
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